Adjunct Professors Living in Poverty — Overworked & Underpaid

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The wretched life of most adjunct professors – overworked and underpaid!

Over 65 percent of college faculty are part-timers. And the number is growing. Many adjunct faculty live in poverty, in their cars, on their friends’ sofa,… Some adjuncts have second and third jobs. There is even a youtube video about an adjunct professor who works as a prostitute!.

Facing Poverty, Adjunct Professors turn to Prostitution


True Adjunct Tales 2

Professor Kitch is back, this time, with a student in his Contemporary Lit. class


“Adjuncts” is a TV series featuring Monroe College’s overworked adjuncts and unfazed tenured professors.

I quit my full time tenure track professor position 4 years ago

Texas A&M University – How We Address Our Professors

Made for the Texas A&M University ADVANCE Center for Women Faculty.

Directed by: John Anderson
Written by: Jessica Szeto
Sara Hedley
Gabi Nintunze
Dr. Tim Scott, College of Science
Dr. Anita Kim, Department of Psychology

The present and future of adjunct faculty, with Lee Skallerup Bessette and Joe Fruscione

What is the status of adjunct faculty, and how will that change in the future?
The Future Trends Forum explored this grim and vital topic with Lee Skallerup Bessette and Joe Fruscione.

Day in the Life – College Professor

college school project for video editing

Adjunct professor uses The Temptations to teach American government class

Gerald Green, an adjunct professor plays “Ball of Confusion,” by The Temptations, to teach his class Intro to American Government at Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis, TN.

Braking News! Teachers needed. Part time or full time. How to make great pay!

Growing up my Father was a pastor and my mom taught school. We moved every few years and mom would have to find another teaching position. There were 6 of us kids, and with all the rigors of being the pastor’s wife/pianist, Sunday school teacher, secretary or all around girl Friday. Part time where she could make great pay would have been nice. I saw her be the new kid on the block and the last one in is many times the first one out! Some committee saying she’s got to go! When your realty good and you do get promoted the jealousy is so thick you can cut it with a knife! If you don’t do the politics they make it so rough to force you to quit! Mom just love to teach. She loves her students many times to a fault. As you can tell I have a soft spot for teachers. You see it in the news all over the country teachers getting laid off the numbers are astronomical. I foumd a solution you can do! A program that would have eliminated all the struggles mom faced … this so cool. We need teacher big time earn $30-$60 per HR hand picks the students you want to work with … and get this you can’t be laid off or fired! Go now to and get the details! You will thank Me!

What if you could go where you want to go … Make $30 to $60 per hour … Chose the students you want to work with … Without the possibility of being laid off!

Empower Your Adjuncts

Adjuncts are “part-time” professors, paid by the course on a semester-to-semester basis. More and more, schools like Northeastern University rely on adjunct professors to teach their classes. These schools often save money by offering low pay, little or no benefits and no expectation of employment beyond one semester. To make ends meet, adjuncts often work at multiple institutions to pay the bills. At Northeastern, adjuncts make up over 70% of the teaching workforce. It’s time to level the playing field.

Click this link to sign a letter of support:!sign-a-letter-of-support/c4fq

To learn more about the Empower Adjuncts Campaign, visit

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Adjunct Professor Rights 1

This video is about Adjunct Professor Rights 1