Diana Graber at the Digital Citizenship Summit

Diana Graber is founder of CyberWise.org and CyberCivics.com, two organizations dedicated to helping adults and students learn digital citizenship and literacy skills. A long-time media producer with an M.A. in “Media Psychology & Social Change,” Graber is a recognized expert on technology’s impact on human behavior, writing often for The Huffington Post and others.

In addition to having been an Adjunct Professor of Media Psychology at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP), Graber teaches middle school Cyber Civics classes at Journey School in Southern California, where she incubated the program. You can often find her on her mountain bike using her favorite app, Strava.

Mark Ryan On Apologetics / Faith Ascent 2017 Dinner

Mark Ryan on Christian Apologetics at Faith Ascent’s 2017 Fundraising Dinner.

About Mark Ryan: Mark Ryan is the Director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Theological Seminary, Saint Louis, MO, where he also serves as adjunct professor of religion and culture. Mark has worked with L’Abri Fellowship in both Massachusetts and British Columbia and has pastored churches in Australia and the United States. Faith Ascent’s staff and board think very highly of Mark’s ministry experience, heart for evangelism, and interest in helping Christians and non-Christians alike navigate the cross-currents of religion and culture.

About Faith Ascent: Our mission is to reduce the number of young Christians abandoning their beliefs in college and disengaging from the church. We envision a world where every college bound Christian leaves home equipped with “good reasons” for the hope they have in Jesus and connects with Christian community on campus.

Arturo Lopez-Levy on the US embassy reopening in Cuba

For more on the Cuba embassy opening, CCTV America’s Asieh Namdar spoke to Arturo Lopez-Levy. He is an adjunct Professor at New York University and co-Author of Raul Castro and the New Cuba: A Close Up View of Change.

Fighting for Blue Skies – Insights from Air Pollution Activists (Christa Hasenkopf)

Christa Hasenkopf is an atmospheric scientist, passionate about fighting air inequality – the unequal access to clean air to breathe across the world – and using open data and convening community to do it. She is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OpenAQ, a non-profit housing a real-time global open air quality data platform and community, created and used by scientists, software developers, journalists, and lovers of open environmental data. She is also an Echoing Green Fellow and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins in the Environmental Science & Policy Program, part of the Advanced Academic Program.

The Problem with Halloween

What could possibly be wrong with Halloween? Well… maybe a lot of things lol. Enjoy our food for thought (or candy for thought) before you get your trick or treat on… or whatever 😗😂🎃

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Webinar: Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Students with LDs

Many students with learning disabilities also struggle in their social-emotional development. How can educators and professionals support the development and social-emotional skills of children with learning disabilities? This webinar provided an overview of the complex interactions between learning disabilities and the development of social-emotional challenges in students. It also attempted to answer this question by providing information about common social-emotional challenges that are experienced by students, and strategies and tools to connect these ideas into a practical plan for student support.
Dr. Colin King is a Psychologist and the Acting Coordinator of Psychological Services in the Thames Valley District School Board. He is actively involved in various initiatives within special education and in providing assessment, counseling, and consultation services. Dr. King has trained and worked in a variety of community, hospital, and mental health settings with children and adolescents experiencing learning, behavioual, and social-emotional difficulties. He serves as an adjunct professor of Psychology at Western University and is engaged in graduate student training and supervision.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: When Trump Is Acquitted He Will No Longer Be Impeached – The Impeachment Disappears