The Problem with Halloween

What could possibly be wrong with Halloween? Well… maybe a lot of things lol. Enjoy our food for thought (or candy for thought) before you get your trick or treat on… or whatever 😗😂🎃

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Webinar: Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Students with LDs

Many students with learning disabilities also struggle in their social-emotional development. How can educators and professionals support the development and social-emotional skills of children with learning disabilities? This webinar provided an overview of the complex interactions between learning disabilities and the development of social-emotional challenges in students. It also attempted to answer this question by providing information about common social-emotional challenges that are experienced by students, and strategies and tools to connect these ideas into a practical plan for student support.
Dr. Colin King is a Psychologist and the Acting Coordinator of Psychological Services in the Thames Valley District School Board. He is actively involved in various initiatives within special education and in providing assessment, counseling, and consultation services. Dr. King has trained and worked in a variety of community, hospital, and mental health settings with children and adolescents experiencing learning, behavioual, and social-emotional difficulties. He serves as an adjunct professor of Psychology at Western University and is engaged in graduate student training and supervision.

Impact of contract faculty’s low pay and lack of job security on higher education

A prof speaks on the impact on education of contract faculty’s precarity and low pay

DR: Home School Threatened and Professor Fired

Part 1: HSLDA Attorney, Michael Smith, discusses recent threats by the government to home school parents in Virginia.

Part 2: PJI Attorney, Michael Peffer, discusses an update on a PJI case involving a Christian professor unjustly fired for inspiring discussion about gay marriage in his sociology class.

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Adjunct Faculty – disABILITY for a Day

The Adjuncts Short Film Trailer

The Adjuncts are back with a whole new cast, academia problems and more drama on campus. Check out the short film that circles six brand new adjuncts, administration and students as they go through struggles at Stephen Mack University…

UML adjunct professors protest salary disparity…

UML adjunct professors protest salary disparity…

Park Bo Gum Graduates From Myongji University

Park Bo Gum has completed his four years of college life! On February 21, the actor attended his graduation at Myongji University in Yongin. Ahead of the c

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New poll shows Biden beating Trump by a “landslide” – CBS News

New poll shows Biden beating Trump by a “landslide”

Poll says Biden’s lead over Trump a landslide

A new national poll from Quinnipiac University shows President Trump trailing each of six Democratic candidates in potential head-to-head contests and calls Joe Biden’s advantage of “landslide proportions.”

The Democrats’ lead ranges from five points for Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg to 13 points for Biden. In between, Bernie Sanders leads Mr. Trump by nine points, Kamala Harris by eight, and Elizabeth Warren by seven.

Interestingly, while Biden beats Mr. Trump by a landslide in the Quinnipiac poll, his lead among his Democratic competitors has narrowed since April. One Iowa Democrat CBS News spoke to said she’s happy to have a lot of great options but some think maybe a little too many.

The president and former vice president traded sharp words in Iowa Tuesday where, as CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe reports, it appears like the two are already campaigning as if it’s November 2020. Both have repeatedly traded barbs since the former vice president jumped into the 2020 race, but as the Quinnipiac indicates, Biden isn’t the only Democrat the president has to worry about.

“I’d rather run against, I think, Biden than anybody. I think he’s the weakest mentally. And I like running against people that are weak mentally. I think Joe is the weakest up here,” Mr.  Trump said.

The president’s focus on Biden is strategic. CBS News has learned that polling conducted by the Trump campaign shows the president trailing the former VP in several key states and Biden’s approach seemed to resonate.

“He thinks these tariffs are being paid by China, just like he thinks Mexico is building the wall,” Biden said to applause Tuesday.

But Iowa voters also say they’re hungry for policy proposals.

“I don’t vote for a persona, I vote for what are you going to do,” one Iowa voter said.

Mr. Trump knows voters aren’t yet sold on Biden. The president’s campaign also believes Elizabeth Warren is gaining strength, and sees a path for Bernie Sanders. So for now, President Trump is an equal opportunity opponent.

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Arizona State University Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Get Arizona State University tuition and financial aid information, plus scholarships, admissions rates, and more.

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