How Artificial Intelligence Changes SEO: Asking Experts

Search engine algorithms are continually evolving and becoming more complex. Since their inception, search engines have walked their way from simple search tools to machines with sophisticated algorithms. All this directly affects the SEO sphere in two opposite directions. Raising sites to the top appears to be much more challenging, but at the same time, search results have become more high-quality. You will no longer get into the top using underhanded manipulation methods with the site.
In general, AI has fundamentally changed the approach to search engine optimization. In this article, we will discuss using it for our purposes and learn the opinion of experts on the topic of AI.
RankBrain is an AI-based self-learning system that has allowed Google to speed up keyword research to provide users with the most relevant content per search query. RankBrain knows how to understand the meaning of the text, to find connections between words, learn words and phrases that it doesn’t know, and tailor it correctly for the country and language of the request.

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